My name is Bruce Gibson and I have had several years experience in the pharmaceutical industry mainly in the mixing and dispensing of medicines.

I worked in London England with Boots the Chemist and after spending 6 years with the company as a Pharmacy Assistant was offered a post with Warman-Freed Ltd. Golden Green Road London England.

I left London in 1973 and returned to Barbados where I worked as a Medical Representative with Sandos Warner a Swiss pharmaceutical company.

I have always had an interest in Alternative Medicine and started experimenting with essential oils for pain relief as this is the No.1 complaint world wide.

When I first started experimenting with different essential oils, I was determined to blend a mixture of essential oils that would help both adults and children, who suffer from Arthritis, Rheumatism, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Knee and other Muscular pains.

It took quite a long time before I found the correct mixture, and as my family and friends started using it, they were surprised at how well it worked at releving their arthritic pain and I was encouraged to market it so others could also benefit from its special pain relief properties.

Thank You for your interest in Bruce's Miracle Oil and please check our Testimonials Page and see for your self what others are saying about Bruce's Miracle Oil.

Bruce Gibson