Here are some of what our satisfied customers have to say about Bruce's Miracle Oil

I am a 84 year old with a long time back problem, and was unable to walk upright unless supported by two people. Tablets were prescribed but were not effective. I read about Bruce's Miracle Oil and decided to try it. Within a few days I got out of bed and was able to walk unaided. I was totally surprised. I would recommend Bruce's Miracle Oil to anyone with similar problems or Arthritic and Muscular Pains. Mrs Vilma Carter, Foster Lodge, St. George, Barbados.

I was involved in a serious car accident on May 7th 2009, causing serious injury to my left eye, left shoulder and left foot. I was admitted to the hospital and was a patient there for some time. On my discharge from hospital I had therapy which helped a little. In the meantime I rested at home for a while. After returning to work I was introduced to Bruce's Miracle Oil which I used as instructed and within a few days I could raise my left arm above my head which I could not do after the accident. Bruce's Miracle Oil was a great help to me and I would highly recommend it. Sherwin Redman, Mangrove Terrace, St Phillip, Barbados.

Dear Bruce, Just to let you know your oil has really been a benefit. As you can see from the testimonial below we are very happy with the product. Please use this testimonial if you wish.

Over 30 years ago I dropped a heavy steel trawl door on my right big toe completely smashing the toe and joint. Medical advice at the time said it would heal naturally and for some years it appeared OK with just the odd twinge of pain, but in later years signs of a rapidly enlarging joint fast becoming arthritic began to show. Recently it became painful to walk far and a nagging pain similar to toothache began to cause me considerable discomfort day and night.

For some years I noticed an advertisement in our local paper for Bruce's Miracle Oil, I had a look at his website and found so many glowing testimonials I decided to give it a try. As this is only sold direct from it's manufacturer Bruce Gibson I called round to collect a bottle. Bruce explained it is a mixture of some of the most effective essential oils and when massaged gently into the affected area 3 times a day these oils soak into the skin layer by layer moisturizing the joint which makes it more supple and stimulating the production of new cells. Bruce said any pain would go quickly after a few applications - he was right. My constant nagging pain completely disappeared within 2 hours of the first application, within 24 hours the joint was much more supple with virtually no pain even when moved to the limit of the joints movement - something I had not been able to do for years!

Anyone suffering from a painful arthritic or damaged joint has got to try this oil it really works! Martyn Melhuish, St. George Barbados

I have been experiencing pains in my lower back and my chest for quite a while. I have been using various creams but to no avail. A colleague at work recommended Bruce's Miracle Oil and I gave it a try. To my amazement it worked so well that my pains are not bothering me any more. I highly recommend it. Velda Sargeant, East Point, St Philip, Barbados

For years my fingers, neck and knees have been giving me quite a bit of pain.I have been taking painkillers which only worked for a short period, and then the pains would return. My daughter spoke to someone at work who had previously used Bruce's Miracle Oil, so I decided to give it a try. All I can say is that my pains are gone and thanks to Bruce's Miracle Oil. Lolita Roach, The Pine, St Michael, Barbados

I have been a carpenter most of my life and lately I have been having pains in my lower back, shoulders and leg. I tried painkillers and other remedies but to no avail, until I was introduced to Bruce's Miracle Oil which helped me immensely. My aches have gone.Thank you Bruce's Miracle Oil. Andrew Cumberbatch, Speightstown, St Peter, Barbados

My husband, son and myself have been having muscular pains in various parts of our bodies, my husbands collar bone, my son's shoulder and my upper left leg. We decided to try Bruce's Miracle Oil. Now our pains are gone. We highly recommend this product.
Golda King, David King Snr, David King Jnr, Husbands Hights, St James Barbados

I am a 73 year old female who found it extremely difficult getting out of bed because of severe joint pains. My daughter had to prepare breakfast for me and do other chores. I took some medication which was not very effective. I heard about Bruce's Miracle Oil and decided to give it a try. In no time my pains had diminished, and I was able to get out of bed and move about quite easily. This Oil really worked and I would recommend it. Audrey Morris, Jackson, St Michael, Barbados

I injured my finger playing rugby and within three days of using Miracle Oil I was operating again. Dr. H. Moseley Jr., Surgeon (Barbados and New York)

I strained my back and shoulder while gardening and the relief I got from applying Miracle Oil was tremendous. Mrs. J.J. Gibson, Housewife (London, U.K.)

As I was trying to restrain a runaway cow, I fell and injured my arm and was recommended to use Miracle Oil which worked wonders. Mr. Harold Chandler, Contractor (Barbados)

Having suffered from rheumatism and muscular pain for years, I was told to try Miracle Oil and it actually worked.
Mr. Filiberto Vasquez, Retired (Miami, Florida)

I have had rheumatic pains from my fingers to my toes for years, and have been prescribed medication over the years which have been futile. I was introduced to Bruce's Miracle Oil of which I was at first skeptical, but however decided to try it as I had nothing to lose. I was overwhelmed at the results. My pains have completely disappeared and have not up to this point returned. Thank You Bruce's Miracle Oil. Cicely Grant, Housemaker(Clermont St. James Barbados)

For sometime now I have been suffering from pains in my fingers which prevented me from opening my hands fully. I used medications and other creams but to no avail. Then I tried Bruce's Miracle Oil and within a day my hands opened fully. I am now using it on my knees and getting very good results. I always have a bottle in my office and one at home. Mrs. Janette Greaves, Managing Director, Gem Travel (Barbados)

I work in the outdoors and swim regularly to keep my body in tone. My legs and ankles were causing me some muscular pain so I decided to use BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL which helped me by relieving the pain and even reducing swelling in my ankles. I would recommend it.
First West Indian to swim the English Channel in under 12 hours. Chris Gibbs, Atlantic Shores , Christ Church , Barbados

I am an Englishman originally from Palmers Green, London , England and am now resident in Barbados. During a game of soccer, I fractured my ankle which was put in a cast. After the cast was removed, I experienced considerable pain and upon recommendation decided to try BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL which eased the pain within 2 days. Anyone with arthritis or muscular pain should use this oil. Colin Beckett, Bagatelle, St. Thomas, Barbados

On lifting a T.V. set, I strained my back quite badly and was unable to sit, stand or even lay in my bed, since the pain was so excruciating. I attended a chiropractor but got no relief. I read about BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL in the local newspapers here in BARBADOS and decided to give it a try. Within a short space of time, I got relief and was extremely satisfied with this product. I have recommended BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL to many people with muscular and arthritic pain and it has helped them considerably. Joan Ishmael, Graeme Hall, Christ Church , Barbados

I have been suffering from neck pains for some time, and have been using creams which were not effective. I however bought a bottle of BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL and after massaging the oil in my neck, I had instant relief. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with arthritis or any muscular pain. Abubaker Suleman, Westmoreland, St. James , Barbados

The pains in my wrists, knees and feet were terrible. Pain killers were not much of a help, but BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL really helped me and eased my pains. I always travel with a bottle of BRUCE'S MIRACLE OIL. Wayne Gittens, St. Peter , Barbados

I have had very bad pains in my knees for years which caused me not to have a good nights'sleep. I took pain killers and other medications, but it wasn't very effective. I saw Bruce's Miracle Oil advertised and decided to give it a try as nothing else seemed to relieve my pain. After a  few applications there was great relief. Any one with Arthritic or Muscular Pains should try it. Barbara Branch, Pine Hill Rd, St. Michael, Barbados

I am employed as an orderly in a hospital and may have unknowingly strained my shoulder. After awaking one morning I could scarcely move my left arm and hand. My wife had to assist me to put my clothes on. I took some medication but the pain just wouldn't go away and as I am left handed I had to rely on my wife to do everything for me. The pain was unbearable. My wife saw this advertisement for Bruce's Miracle Oil and I decided to give it a try. To my amazement after three days use the very bad shoulder pains had gone and I was able to go to the beach to have a swim. This is an oil that every household should have. Mr. Willins, Hopeland, Road View, St. Peter, Barbados.

I have been experiencing severe pains in my knees, and have been using painkillers but to no avail. I decided to use Bruce's Miracle Oil and within two days my pain had vanished. I was very impressed with this oil and would recommend it to anyone with Knee, Arthritic or any Muscular Pains. Mr. Francis Holder, Hillswick Village, St. Joseph, Barbados.

After lifting some heavy files in my office I experienced severe Muscular pains in my upper left arm. I was recommended to use Bruce's Miracle Oil and within three days my pains had completely gone. I was very impressed with this oil and would recommend it. Nathalie Gibson, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados.

I work in the outdoors in construction and have been experiencing Arthritic Pains in my shoulder for a quite a while and used painkillers and creams but they did not work very much and my pains were getting worse. I got to the state that I would use anything to get rid of this awful pain, when I saw an advert in our local newspaper for Bruce's Miracle Oil. I had nothing to lose so I decided to try this oil and to my surprise my pains had completely gone in three days. I have since recommended it to three of my colleagues who were very impressed. I always keep a bottle of Bruce's Miracle Oil at home, just in case. Carson Moore, Well House, St. Philip, Barbados.

I have been diagnosed with Arthritis of the Knees for some time now, and have been taking medication which was not really relieving my Arthritic Pain. I saw this advert for Bruce's Miracle Oil and decided to give it a try. Within one day the Pain had subsided and I felt much better than I had for a long time. I use it regularly for my Arthritic Knees and would gladly recommend it to any one with Arthritis. Tony Sealy, Lower Bay St, St. Michael, Barbados.

My Ankle and Heel has been aching for some time. After being told about Bruce's Miracle Oil I decided to give it a try. It really worked. I was very impressed and would recommend it to any one with Muscular Pains. Andrew Bannister, Surveyor - Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados.